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Fotbollen tillhör fansen!

2021-04-19, Andreas Fahlgren     0

Vår organisation (Manchester Citys officiella supporterklubb) har gått ut med ett supportermeddelande som vi givetvis ställer oss helt bakom.

Football Supporters will have seen reports in the media that 6 English PL Clubs – Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs have agreed to form a breakaway European Super League along with other high profile European teams

These stories have now been confirmed and do include City and we are extremely disappointed to have that confirmation.

Manchester City FC Official Supporters Club are totally opposed to anything which creates a breakaway ‘European Super League .This proposed new competition has no sporting merit and would seem to be motivated by greed

Furthermore it has been created without the knowledge or input of any Supporters Groups and once again shows those involved have zero regard for the game’s traditions .

We are determined to fight against this proposed Super League and will once again work with the 1894 Group all other Fan Groups to do everything we can to ensure our voices are heard

These owners, irrespective of where they come from, seem to think Football belongs to them - It doesnt it belongs to us - The Supporters, irrespective of which team we support.


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